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A video visit with Michael Stevens and Suzanne Adan talking about their experiences with the legendary force of nature, Adaliza McHugh, and her pioneering art gallery, ‘The Candy Store” which featured artists who have now become legendary.

I think she [Adeliza McHugh] surprised everybody. I don’t think they thought this little old lady up in this little old place called the Candy Store was going to do what she did.

Our video was edited exclusively for the KINGSLEY ART CLUB by our videographer and documentarian Laurence Campling, who is in the process of producing a full length documentary on the fascinating history of The Candy Store Gallery. Due to be completed later this year, the film will be presented to the public at Sac State and at the Crocker. We will alert Kingsley members when a premier date has been set.

But why wait? Kingsley members get exclusive content now! The following video was prepared from Laurence’s wide-ranging interview with Michael and Suzanne and includes footage exclusive to Kingsley. Enjoy!

The Candy Store exhibit opens at the Crocker Art Museum on February 2 and runs until May 1.

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