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Member Opportunities

The Kingsley offers members information about local area exhibits, sites to visit, and ideas that people can enjoy with friends, family, and on their own.

Tours (limited)

Occasionally the Kingsley has offered small group tours at the Crocker as Look and Lunch. Currently, lunch will be somewhere other than the museum but tours will come up here as an eblast. Past tours of the Monet to Matisse Exhibit brought members in small groups for expert looks at those glimpses of the changed aesthetic of Impressionism.

Trips (on hiatus)

Our trip program with buses to San Francisco or surrounding areas is on hiatus as pricing and exhibitions are still uncertain. When we know more, it will be posted here.

Evaluation Day (on hiatus)

This service, offered at the Crocker, is on hiatus until the museum is back to normal. Local authorities have given their services to people seeking information about their artwork. Although the evaluations cannot be used for insurance purposes, the evaluators have a wide range of knowledge to share and help you in deciding what you should do with your treasures. When we know more, it will be posted here.