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Kingsley Initiative

The Kingsley Initiative is a program which recognizes, encourages, and provides appropriate financial resources to local artists in the Sacramento BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) community.  This program, created in 2021, is funded by the Kingsley Art Club and is executed in partnership with the Crocker, with a 5-year funding commitment from the Kingsley.

Notice next time you’re at the Crocker viewing the latest Crocker acquisition, or enjoying a curation or an educational outreach program, an acknowledgement that this effort has been “underwritten in whole or in part by the Kingsley Initiative”.

Projects selected for support:

  • CSUS Professor Tavares Blackman’s “O Dad” painting was purchased for the Crocker Art Museum’s collection.
  • Artist Shonna McDaniels has been commissioned to prepare an exhibition for the Crocker featuring the works of Black artists now held in the Crocker Art Museum’s collection.
  • Artist Craig Martinez will prepare an educational program for presentation at the Crocker Art Museum illustrating his personal approach to art.
  • Most recent – Artist Jessica Wimbley created a digital video collage that is featured in the stairwell nearest to the bookstore.  Be sure and take a look the next time you are at the Crocker.

© Tavarus Blackmon
“O Dad”
* Work purchased for the Crocker Art Museum by the Kingsley Initiative

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